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Random freezing in internet speed/slowing down

Hello, I have an issue that started to occur a few weeks ago where the wireless connection between my modem and multiple pc's begin to 'spike' every few seconds. I can't pin the issue but I am certain it's related the wireless network on the modem, as I have tested pinging the default gateway itself and all pc's connected to the modem show signs of ping spiking. The signal light on my modem (model DJA0230) also switches from red to green in intervals. Restarting the modem does fix the issue for a few hours, but then the problem starts happening again. If anyone can help me find the issue I will really appreciate it!

My nbn connection is FTTC and I have also noted that the 'disconnection process for old phone/network lines' began in september for my area, if that is a possible source of interference?

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Re: Random freezing in internet speed/slowing down

It could be useful to change your Wi-Fi channel as you may be experiencing interference from a neighbour's WiFi, if on the same frequency.

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