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re: adsl cable splitters?

ok so i have a couple of adsl cable splitters (telstra branded) that im wondering if i can use as an ethernet cable extender.

if you remove the grey plastic covering, the cat5 cable fits the slot (both ends) but would it work?

i need to join two 4 meter cat5 (100mg rating) cables to reach from router to a computer in another room.

why dont you just buy the stuff you ask?

that would imply actually having any money to spend outside of basic living expenses. you know like

- food

- power

- gas

- water

- car

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Re: re: adsl cable splitters?

If it's just a splitter (no filter), then it would depend as to how many of the pins are connected.


Phone cabling tends not to use the full 8 wires, so it may only be wired up for 1 or 2 pairs.


Either way, even if it did work, you would probably suffer some large speed reductions because of it.


If you've got a soldering iron, just take off the ends of the cable and solder the matching wires together.

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Re: re: adsl cable splitters?

In case the modification presents any issues, RJ45 In Line Connectors are available on eBay for under $3 delivered to your door or $5 at Jaycar Stores - they work well.

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