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Reuse excess gear after NBN connection

After nbn connection,is there a use for  one HFC cable wall outlet with Netgear Telstra Cable  Adaptor only near my computer, not connected to anything?  My Telstra Internet and home phone services are now connected through nbn HFC  connection box and original Telstra Gateway, and my computer internet seems to be working in another room on the wifi signal.

I also have various unused cables, and I found gear from previous services - ADSL modem, splitters, and even a dial up modem.  Any use for these now rather than making e-waste?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Reuse excess gear after NBN connection

Not really.

Don't put your e-Waste in the bin. Take it to your local council recycling facility and they will get it taken care of.
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