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Setting up a TP-Link managed switch



I've got a Telstra Gateway Technicolor DJA0230TLS, and want to add a TP-Link smart switch (TL-SG1016DE) to add some extra ports, but cannot get a connection through to the internet.


I have disabled DHCP on the switch, and confirmed that the IP address for the switch is in the same subnet as the gateway (address, but to no avail.


Please do not hesitate to point out anything obvious - I am a complete numpty at this. 

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Re: Setting up a TP-Link managed switch

I think on this range of switches the DHCP setting is a bit confusing.. It is NOT a setting for the device to be a DHCP server, the setting relates to enabling/disabling DHCP CLIENT mode. I think it needs to be enabled in your configuration, so it gets IP information from the main modem/router..


From the manual..

DHCP Setting:

Allows you to enable or disable the switch to serve as DHCP client. If DHCP client is enabled, the switch will obtain the IP
address, subnet Mask and default gateway from the DHCP Server
automatically; otherwise, these three items should be configured
manually. By default, it is disabled.


So I would suggest you try setting the TP Switch DHCP setting to 'Enabled' and see if that fixes the problem...


I would ask though, as you describe yourself as a complete numpty at this stuff, why are you using a managed switch (which you will have to configure)? An unmanaged switch with x ports, might be a better fit for your purposes?

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