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setting up bridge mode on telstra smart modem


I've never done this before so please bear with me. 

I have just purchased and connected a Nighthawk AX12. I was experiencing issues with with double Nat as i had the Nighthawk router plugged into the Telstra smart modem / router. Xbox problems with double NAT. After reading allllllot of forums I have come to the conclusion that I can either set the telstra smart modem up in bridge mode or I can get rid of this all together and set up the Nighthawk up as the gateway router.

I contacted telstra support to get the PPPoE username and password to set up the nighthawk as the gateway router and they didn't know what I was talking about. 

Then tried to find simple instructions on how to set up the telstra smart modem in bridge mode and have been going around in circles through crowd support forums with no straight answers to my simple question.

Please can anyone please guide me down the right path.

Thanks in advance

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Re: setting up bridge mode on telstra smart modem

If you have an NBN connection the connection type is IPOE (Get Dynamic from ISP, page 26 of manual). 


One way of fixing double NAT that does not require the Bridging of Telstra modem or getting rid of Telstra modem is to set the Nighthawk AX12 in the DMZ of Telstra Modem (Go To Advanced > Firewall (Arcadyan) or Advanced > WAN services (Technicolor) 

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