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setting up DNS servers on newer Telstra Gateway max



Just received new Telstra Gateway as part of move to NBN.


Set up on ADSL as per previous modem.


Went into GUI to set DNS servers to Google.


On the Static DNS Server Configuration page.


Turned it to ON and entered and and hit apply.


Seemed to work but I am having intermittent URL resolution issues and Gateway said it was using the default Telstra DNS servers.


Note: I moved to Google a number of months ago due to ongoing issues with Telstra DNS servers and all has been fine...until now!


So I thought maybe I should use default Telstra DNS servers as maybe there is some conflict etc.  So back in the GUI and if I try and disable Static DNS Server or try a different address I get the error


Operation could not complete, something went wrong


Could someone please advise how I can now manipulate items on this page of the GUI?




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Re: setting up DNS servers on newer Telstra Gateway max

Don't think you can change DNS servers on any of the Telstra Gateways... You can do it on your clients if you wish, but all good network practices do not recommend having different DNS settings on clients and your edge equipment...

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Re: setting up DNS servers on newer Telstra Gateway max

AFAIK the GUI has a section for changing the DNS servers, but changing them doesn't actually work

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