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Setting up IPSec VPN on v7610 to non Telstra site



Our business has two sites and these two sites were connected via an IPSec VPN site. Our main site was converted to NBN on Telstra and this meant removing the old ADSL modem and it being replaced with the new v7610 modem.


As soon as this was converted to NBN we lost the site to site VPN. Our LAN is connected as below.


Network A <-> TPLink VPN router <-> Telstra v7610 <-> Internet <-> Other Provider ADSL <-> TPLink VPN Router <-> Network B


The site to site VPN was established at the TPLink routers and the internet gateways simply forwarded all necessary traffic to the VPN router.


The v7610 was a new addition. We had the Technicolor ADSL2 modem from Telstra previously configured for VPN passthru with all necessary ports forwarded to the TPLink routers on both ends. 


With the addition of the v7610, I see that this modem has its own VPN set up. The problem that I have is that the other end is not a v7610 (net B) and this means that I cannot get the site to site VPN set up. I had a similar issue on a Netgear router and I had to replace it with another router to overcome the VPN issue.


What I had read was that Netgear routers(Gateways) with built in VPN setup did not support VPN passthru. Even if I disable the VPN settings in the v7610, it would still not passthru the VPN requests.


Can someone please help confirm if this is the case ? If not how do I get the router to simply forward all requests to the TPLink VPN router ?



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Re: Setting up IPSec VPN on v7610 to non Telstra site

I just want to confirm if you have reviews the information in the VPN user guide for the Telstra Gateway Pro


This thread may also help as it provides a little more info on using a BYO modem.

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Re: Setting up IPSec VPN on v7610 to non Telstra site

Seems there has been some success in getting the v7610 talking to a non-telstra router over at whirlpool if this helps



To save everyone else the trouble, here is what I found: Telstra firmware simply retained default Netgear VPN settings and hid them. To establish VPN with a non-Telstra router, set the other end as:

Exchange Mode: Main
No data compression
ID type: local WAN IP
Local WAN ID: Local WAN IP
Remote Wan ID: N/A
Encryption, Phase-1: 3DES, SHA-1, DH-Group 2 (1024 bit)
Life Time: 8 hours
Encryption, Phase-2: 3DES, SHA-1, DH-Group 2 (1024 bit)
NetBIOS: Enabled

Make sure non-Telstra end initiates the link."

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Re: Setting up IPSec VPN on v7610 to non Telstra site

Thx for this info.


I also had this problem with a client when they converted one of their sites to NBN.


They had a Cisco to Draytek modem config with IPSec VPN between two sites configured and stable prior to NBN.

Both sites were ADSL.


Since NBN was established at Site B with the Netgear V7610, the only doco I found that would support VPN was to install another V7610 at Site A.


Once we purchased another V7610 for Site A and both SITE A and B have the same modems, the VPN config and setup was fairly simple.


Only problem now is that the V7610s are so UN-reliable and UN-stable - each site needs to continually need the modems to be restarted. Performance is atrocious.


Numerous support calls and hours spent with support to try and resolve the stability issues.


We persevere....


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