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SIP details for Telstra NBN



I made many attempts to obtain the details of my VOIP account so i can connect my CISCO SPA 112 phone adapter and continue to use the home phone. I am so frustrated that your technical dpt has no idea what i was talking about and also never had the opportunity to speak to premium member staff. 


i can have someone from the premium team to call me to sort out this simple request as i would like use the landline or else i am moving to new provider. 


Proxy server: ?

Registrar server: ?

Outbound Proxy:?

authentication username:?

authentication password:?

caller ID name:?

caller ID name:?

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Re: SIP details for Telstra NBN

I assume you mean Telstra Platinum, they can help with third party configurations and are essentially an IT support team on call but it is a seperate service.

That being said, they also wouldn’t be able to help. Telstra do not publicise their SIP details. They have said previously that the configuration they use is in line with meeting their specific regulatory requirements and that it wasn’t something they were going to share.
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Re: SIP details for Telstra NBN

DrQ is correct, Telstra don't provide SIP details for home phone services. Essentially you use Telstras Modem in some capacity for your home phone services or obtain a phone service from a provider whom provides those details you need for Cisco Spa 112. Telstra Platinum can't assist in this matter.
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