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Slowwwww nbn speed again

Long Time Telstra Customer here that dosen't want to switch, but increasingly having no choices.

I'm Connected Fibre to the Node cause i have to be & cant upgrade without spending big $$$$$.00

On nbn 50 Standard Plus 44Mbps typical evening speed plan

never seen it anywhere near that to date
paying $ 90 per month for bugger all speed

Friends i try & play games online with in the rest of the developed world, speed permitting have a minimum basic 400Mbps connections, anyway no-one cares or wants to do anything about it.

But trying to watch some videos atm & ran a speed test in a couple of places & resulted :

Past results :

so tried Telstra :

but my Modem/Router is telling me this :

Ive done all the troubleshooting steps many times before.... unplug,reeboot blah blah blah,

some days the speed is acceptable and some days its crap like today

Just wanting to know why my Router is Lying to me. Thanks



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