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Smart Modem Gen 2 only broadcasting in 5 GHz

I signed up with Telstra NBN earlier this year. Telstra supplied me with their Smart modem gen 2 - Technicolor DJA0231. Everything was fine until about 5 weeks ago. Then I discovered that the wifi network was no longer detected by 2.4 GHz devices. It appears to only broadcast the 5 GHz signal.

So I can only use devices that support 5 G but not devices that use 2.4 G.

(Ethernet access is OK)

I have been in contact with Telstra via live chat. They have run tests and told me to restart the modem, all to no avail. The problem persists.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem with this router?

I have considered the possibility of buying a commercial router, but it appears my landline phone will no longer work if I do that.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Smart Modem Gen 2 only broadcasting in 5 GHz

I and judging by recent post a large number of other people have had the same problem. The only solution is a replacement modem. There is no way they can detect this problem remotely. I would contact support again. If they don't replace modem lodge a complaint.  See link below on how to lodge a complaint.



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