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Smart Modem Gen 2 Restart/Dropout issues

This is driving me crazy - especially as an online games player (World of Warships).

We received our smart modem 2 when we went onto the nbn and it was good for 6 months or more until recently.

After extended calls with the help techs I was sent a new modem.

There are 2 different models and I have now had the problem with both.

The problem is the modem reset or restarts itself. All the indicator lights go out and it restarts again.

It can be good for hours or have constant restarts.

One tech mentioned it could be power issues causing this problem. That any micro flicker in the power could cause a restart. No other devices in the home have a problem .

The modem has restarted 3 times whilst writing this ......



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Smart Modem Gen 2 Restart/Dropout issues

There might be a device on your network that does not support Protected Management Frames and this could be causing modem to reboot. Try disabling Protected Management Frames (Wi-Fi PMF) in the modem's Advanced WiFi settings. Turn of PMF on both WiFi bands. 



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