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Smart modem Gen2 - other NBN providers.

It’s been frustrating me to no end. I can’t get my other ISP to work on this modem. 

The connection is PPPoE a s VLAN

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Re: Smart modem Gen2 - other NBN providers.

Hi - is your Smart Modem Gen 2 new or used by a previous owner? If used, suggest to factory reset it within the GUI screen to clear out any previous information stored within. What is the type of NBN service you are trying to connect to and the model number of the Gen 2?


You may have done this already - Have you programmed all the specific RSP settings into it i.e. the actual VLAN ID number and DNS Server settings? The RSP should have a web page with all the listed programming data input for third party modem settings along with your required pre-allocated user ID and then your personal password that is used for PPPoE.

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Re: Smart modem Gen2 - other NBN providers.

If your ISP uses PPPOE log into the modem and go to Broadband. Enter the username and password your ISP has provided you with in the PPPOE section. The modem should automatically detect that it is a PPPOE connection and connect provided your ISP does not requires any other special settings. Modem will automatically get DNS and IP address from server.

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