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Smart Wifi Boosters stuck on purple light - Wont work

Recently my WiFi boosters stopped working. I checked the main one connected to the modem and it is shown on the purple lighting. It has been stuck on this purple lighting for days now and wont change whether i turn it off or not. Is there a way to fix this?



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Re: Smart Wifi Boosters stuck on purple light - Wont work

The Boosters are trying to do a software update when the purple LED is on. If they are staying on for days, it may mean a synchronisation failure has occurred between them and the modem. This may have been caused by a recent modem firmware update or a fault.


I hesitate to turn off devices during failed software updates, but it seems a logical thing to do when it has obviously failed to work over the past few days.  If you have already tried this and it did not work, suggest you contact Telstra faults 132200 to see if they can diagnose it remotely. Turn OFF the Boosters first, write down the firmware level in your modems' welcome log in screen and then try Restarting the modem within the modem's GUI screens. Once modem comes back on, reconnect Boosters and power them up.


Telstra Smart Modems Gen 1 Technicolor DJA0230 and Gen 2 Technicolor DJA0231 had  firmware updates this month - 18.1.c.0443-950-RA if you have one of these; the DJA0230 may have stayed an earlier 17.2 version due to issues with the later 18.1 version. . If you have the Gen 2 Arcadyan, the current version is V0.08.06r. I don't know what firmware version is current to the Telstra Smart Booster Gen 1 (Disc) or Gen 2 - you should be able to view this within the modem or Booster screens; perhaps another reader may contribute their current status. 



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