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T-Gateway (Technicolor TG797) Configurable?

I was just wanting to find out if the T-Gateway (Technicolor TG797) can be configured to use on another ISP.

My friends modem has died, and they cant afford to buy a new one just yet. Unfortunately they are with another ISP.

I have a brand new T-Gateway sitting in its box, and wanted to let them use it until they can get a new modem themselves.

Thought I would ask before pulling it out of the box and attempting to do so.

Any advice appreciated.

P.S. I sat on the phone on hold for an hour (severe delays apparently) before hanging up and posting this.

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Re: T-Gateway (Technicolor TG797) Configurable?

Hi there Torment, can't see any reason why what you are propossing wouldn't work. They are a worldwide universal unit, not exclusive to Telstra or the Telstra Network.


As long as you can obtain the details for the other ISP and get enter them etc. they should be right to go.


You'll find the full user and setup manual for the device at the following link: http://setuprouter.com/router/technicolor/tg587nv3/manual-1250.pdf



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