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Technicolor DJA0231 - Whitelisting NOT working

G'day all,

Wondering if anyone can assist with a question I have about the Gen 2 Technicolor DJA0231 Modem.

I have a Gen 2 WiFi Booster also attached.

Problem im having is that I have setup the WiFi ACL Mode to Whitelist, I have added those MAC Addresses that I wish to allow and saved.

The problem is, its not working! I purchased a new laptop which connected straight away after inputting the SSID Password.

When you review the connection list in Basic View, it appears that EVERYTHING is connected via Ethernet, this isnt the case, as there are several items connected via WiFi!

Any thoughts?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Technicolor DJA0231 - Whitelisting NOT working

The problem is due to the booster. If the booster is attached to modem by Ethernet cable all devices connected to booster will appear as Ethernet connected devices. To test the problem is due to booster suggest you try turning booster off. This is design fault with the modem and I suggest you lodge a fault with support. Support will probably recommend you contact platinum support which charge a fee for service but will waive the fee if the problem is due to faulty telstra equipment.

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