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Technicolor DJN2130 Frontier modem not working with Wake-on-LAN


Does anybody know if there is a way to setup a static route to a private subnetwork from the DJ2130? I cannot seem to find these configuration sections.

Basically I have a private subnetwork (TP-link router, WAN port) connected to the LAN1 of DJ2130. I want to be able to either ping or tracert the IPs in the TP-link's network. I'm hoping this is simple...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Technicolor DJN2130 Frontier modem not working with Wake-on-LAN

You could use port forwarding on the TP-Link router to the device connect to the TP-Link router If you want to send WOL to the device port forward port 7 or 9 depending on which port is used by device. To Wake the device from a device connected to the TP-Link send the wake on LAN packet to the WAN IP address off TP-Link and port number separated by a colon. For example if WAN IP address of TP-Link router is, then send WOL packet to 

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