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Technicolor TG800vac 5ghz wi-fi no longer accepting connections



I have been on NBN since January 2017 and have a Technicolor TG800vac modem. I have a variety of devices, laptop, Android phone, iPhone, iPad and a couple of Chromecasts. All devices except the Chromecasts can use 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless networks. Any device that supported 5 GHz was set to use that network.


All of a sudden devices set to use the 5 GHz network lost connection to network and I need to connect them to 2.4 GHz network. In trying to troubleshoot the issue I reset the modem back to defaults, however this has not resolved the issue. The 2.4 GHz network is still operating fine with no issues. I can see the 5 GHz network, however it refuses connections from any device. I have checked multiple times that the encryption key is correct.


Any ideas on how to get the 5 GHz network to accept connections again?




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Re: Technicolor TG800vac 5ghz wi-fi no longer accepting connections



you can see the network but does it disappear if/when you try to connect to it?


if so you need to ask for a replacement.

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Re: Technicolor TG800vac 5ghz wi-fi no longer accepting connections

I have something similar just start happening today. Suddenly a few devices (tv being the obvious one) can no longer see the 5ghz network. iPad and PC still can though. I think a firmware update may have just happened but I cannot confirm. My router is now on 14.3, I'm pretty certain it was 14.1 a couple of days ago when I last was in the settings....


Dont even know how to articulate a problem like this to the support line 

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Re: Technicolor TG800vac 5ghz wi-fi no longer accepting connections

Just to check if you can connect to it at all, can you set it to open without authentication and see if you can connect to it at all?

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