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Telstr Gatway router on NBN

Hoping someone might be able to help, we have just connected to the NBN and are using the telstra gateway router, solely wifi. Works fine when we are up close but as soon as we move away the Internet speed drops dramatically. I have changed the Chanel and managed to increase the speed but it still sooo slow. Is there a repeater we can get? Or do I have to go down the line of getting fixed points installed? Hope that all makes sense. For info the speed next to the gateway is 11Mbs but away its 1.5Mbs

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Re: Telstr Gatway router on NBN

Hi  Monsterpga,

Your best bet would be to get in touch with NBN Assurance on 1800 834 273 & choose Option 3 to troubleshoot this further for you 

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Re: Telstr Gatway router on NBN

That is very slow for a WiFi connection.  I would expect a minimum 40Mbps connection to the WiFi Router if you were standing in the same room as the router and less than 3m away.  Have you tried using different devices (computers, phones, tablets), to see if it is the device you are using?


Other things to check for:

is your router close (within 1m) of other electrical equipment (microwaves, cordless phones, computers, TV, etc).

Is there a metallic or thick walled object between you and the router (a stack of books will cause interference as well)?

These can cause interference.

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Re: Telstr Gatway router on NBN

@Jupiter - I believe they're referring to an actual speed test and it sounds like they're on the 12/1 speed plan.

@OP - How far away do you get before it drops out that much? Optimal WiFi distance is around 8-10 meters in most cases. You might want to look into either getting the modem relocated via internal wiring, Telstra do however sell a WiFi repeater similar to

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