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Telstra 5G Home Internet modem/router frustrations

Hi all, anyone had any luck getting Telstra to unblock some of the modem options? The 5G home modem is so locked down you can't put it in bridge mode, no DMZ available, no port mapping....the list of 'no' goes on and on. It means anyone with a pre-existing home networks will struggle to get it working with the Telstra offering.

To avoid double NAT (easy with bridge mode or a DMZ option) of my Unifi Network I've had to resort to writing json files to stop NAT on the Unifi firewall.

Also, I notice that Telstra keeps pushing out a reset of the modem settings to default (loses changed admin passwords and WiFi configurations)....I know its early days but can't understand why they've hobbled it so much.

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Re: Telstra 5G Home Internet modem/router frustrations

I agree it is a bit short sited of Telstra not allowing servers on there 5G Home Internet service. This was the main reason I returned the 5G modem after my 1 month trial period and elected to keep my 48/12 Mbps FTTN NBN connection. Even if the DMZ and port forwarding was enabled in modem the modem does not have a public IPv4 address so port forwarding and benefits of DMZ would not work.


I didn't experience any modem resets in my 1 month trial period but at least this modem the ability to backup settings so if there is factory reset it would only take a few minutes to restore settings rather than several hours.

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