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Telstra arcadyan modem

“I can't seem to be able to edit names of connected devices showing in my WIFI or wired list. I'd like to clean them up and either:


*  rename them (so I can easily identify them)

*  remove them altogether

*  fill in missing info in the 'Hostnames' column


To clarify, I can see the MAC address of all my devices and the iP address of most of them but the 'Hostnames' are either missing, showing just a generic name/brand or need editing”

the above request was from a previous community member post - however I am having the exact same issues with the Telstra arcadyan modem. Can the above issues be addressed easily , or are they planned in a firmware update?

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Re: Telstra arcadyan modem

Unfortunately, that can't be done as far as I am aware.


In many cases the 'Hostname' comes from what is set in the device itself - PC's. laptops etc. allow device names to be set in the OS (Windows 10, Settings, System, About for instance), Mobile devices are usually able to be 'named' as well - the setting for nameing for share/bluetooth for example. But some devices the name/id is set at the manufacturer - annoying I know.


I use the Fing app/program on my devices to get around the LH1000 limitations..

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