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Telstra Cable adaptor and LAN network

My Cable adaptor is flashing blue for Network and does not respond to any of the suggested remedies. Two computers directly attached to this adaptor can access the web but a smart TV has lost its connection.  The smart TV is connected through the Foxtel outlet using a NetComm/Wirelress box. The middle LED on this (home icon) is red, the other tw are green. Reseating the LAN cable and unplugging/replugging all cables and power does not restore the internet access. Two weeks ago, there was some very unusual activity on the computers which stopped when they were disconnected fromthe internet. The smart TV access was lost at this time. 

Any suggestions to restore the internmet access  would be very much appreciated 


Bob A

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Re: Telstra Cable adaptor and LAN network

The latest firmware update added a new security protocol to the modem that might not be supported by the Netcom box.


If you have reset Netcom box first try reconnecting box to modem using WPS.


If you can't reconnect box disable Protected Management Frames (PMF) in the modem's advanced WiFi settings. If that doesn't work re-enable PMF.

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Re: Telstra Cable adaptor and LAN network

Hello c4


Thank you for your prompt reply.

I am not sure what it is you want me to do. I am not very familiar with Wi-Fi.

How do I reset the Netcom box?  Do you mean unplugging and replugging? (When I do this, the middle light (home symbol) is green for about 20 seconds then goes red.) 

I tried to access the modem but the Wi-Fi Name and Password were not accepted.  I will contact Telstra about this.

I am confused about the need for the Wi-Fi.  Given that an ethernet cable has worked for many years and worked with the Smart Modem for the last year or so, why do I need to change?

Sorry to be a nuisance but I appreciate all the help you can give.


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