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Telstra Gateway Max 2 NBN slow



I bought a Telstra Gateway Max 2 (TG800vac) 9 months ago in preparation for the NBN switchover. I recontracted with Telstra last week to get the NBN connected on 11 July 2017

I now have the NBN and requested the "Very Fast" Speed Boost (100/40)

My Gateway Max 2 is only getting speeds of 25Mbps Down and 0.97Mbps Upload, but when I look at the connection information it says 54Mbps Down and 22Mbps Upload.

I have spoken with Telstra over the phone (Not Very Helpful) but they don't appear to understand what is the problem. I have done several resets of the modem and Speed Tests but still the results are poor. I now have a Telstra Technician booked for visit for 18 July 2017


Frustrated at the responses I was getting from the Telstra Help line, I unpacked the Sagemcom F@ST 5355 modem and connected it to my phone line. This modem gives me 51Mbps Down and 22Mbps Upload. 


I am now thinking the Telstra Shop may have sold me the wrong type of modem for the NBN 9 months ago. 


The Sagemcom F@ST 5355 comes in a light Maroon and White Box labeled, "Suitable for Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Building"

My Technicolor TG800vac cam in a light Green and White Box labeled, "Suitable for ADSL"


If the colour of the box means nothing, then why am I getting crappy speeds on the Gateway Max 2? It is by far the superior of the 2 units. If they have sold me the wrong product, what can I do after 9 months of using it fine on ADSL and now not able to use on NBN, which I had specifically asked for?


I also didn't want the Sagemcom F@ST 5355 and I was willing to pay the difference in getting the Gateway Frontier but the Telstra Shop would not allow me this option. A 2 port device with 100Mbit ports compared to my existing Gateway Max 2 of 4 Gigabit Ports, and also better WiFi with Beam Forming


I don't think the modem is wrong (TG800vac), but why the bad speeds? Why doesn't a factory reset fix it? Is there some settings I need to change?


I'm also still at a loss that when I say I want to pay for "Very Fast" speed boost, they say that I am on the "Fast" speed boost of 100/40, and yet it looks like it's 50/20 to me from my end. 


References (In Reverse Order)






I have spoken to Yosi, Mani, Anton and Ratna, plus several other people who's names I cannot even pronounce let alone spell.


What do I do, Do I wait it out until the Technician comes out on the 18th of this month, or can you help me?


Here is what I want


1. To be using the NBN at 100/40 using a the "Very Fast" speed boost option.

2. To be able to use my original Telstra Gateway Max 2 (Technicolor TG800vac) modem as it was purchased outright for the NBN.

3. To finally enjoy my Internet.





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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Telstra Gateway Max 2 NBN slow

Very fast speed boost is 50/20 which is probably causing confusion. The 100/40 boost is called "Super Fast". That being said your connection speed will only potentially be as fast as the maximum line rate listed in the modem stats


TG800 is ADSL and VDSL (including capable. There's no alternate gateway max 2 with different stats. Just to make sure, is the max 2 black or white? Are these speed tests being performed over wifi or ethernet?



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