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Telstra Gateway Max blocking VPN connection

I have the same problem as
B_K827 and have not been able to find a solution.

Can someone at Telstra take this seriously and give us a solution.

I have recently connected to NBN network with the Telstra Gateway Max. For a couple of weeks I had no issues logging into VPN but a week ago its coming up with an error message about the remote peer is no longer responding. My IT has looked into it and there seems to be no error on their end.  I have had no luck with Telstra Technical support with getting them to check if the outgoing port connections are open. They keep repeating to me my lines are all in working order which I know as I have no issue with accessing the internet. 

I have no issues accessing VPN via hotspot on mobile but keep getting blocked with my router for some reason. Has anyone had other issues with this?

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max blocking VPN connection

If you're asking Bigpond to check ports have you port forwarded those in the modem?

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max blocking VPN connection

The Telstra supported cable modems - Telstra Gateway max is locked down not allowing customers to check ports for forwarding. It would be great it Telstra would support this modem to allow for VPN connection

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