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Telstra Gateway Max C6300 AC1750 - VPN

Hi everyone,


I recently upgraded to the Telstra Gatway Max. Before that I had the Cable Home Network Gateway.


So far so good :-)


But the problem that I have since I installed the new Gateway is  that I can't connect to my company network via VPN anymore. 


I'm using Global Protect VPN Client and the client says "Connected" while the Virtual Ethernet Adapter says: Unidentified network.


Not sure what's going on, Internet is working fine. 


When I disable NAT and change the gateway to operate in bridge mode, the VPN connection works fine, so I have the suspicion that something with the translation of the network addresses is not working properly. I obviously don't want to buy another router for this. 


Any advice ? Should I return the modem to Telstra? 


Thanks for your help.




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Re: Telstra Gateway Max C6300 AC1750 - VPN

Hi everyone,


I have confirmation from Telstra Tech support, that the Gateway can't be configured to use VPN & NAT at the same time.


The firmware is telstra specific and doesn't allow any changes in this area. Apparently the gateway is targeted for the consumer market and connecting to an Office VPN is beyond what a "normal" user does.


It works in bridged mode in conjunction with another router, but $216 + another $200 for a speedy router. No thanks :-) 


I'll will revert now back to the Home Gateway as the firmware is original Netgear and VPN was working fine.


So no fast Wifi AC for me at this stage:-)






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