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Telstra Gateway Max password question

I would like to change the password on my gateway device. Will this affect the ability for Telstra to update the modem or push out new configurations?

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max password question

In a simple one word answer here Antonio, "NO".


Updates etc of that description aren't dependant on that information.


(See the instruction manual I've pointed you towards in your other posts)



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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: Telstra Gateway Max password question



Honestly, you have replied to 2 others posts and both have been inacccurate. Therefore I am not sure if your response to this is correct either. Sorry, but I think you are looking at the wrong modem type and not understanding my setup,


Telstra Cable provided Cable Modems as part of the package on sign up and therefore as stated in my other posts, the Firmware is a Telstra Firmware not a Netgear Firmware. 


Can anyone else confirm if changing my password will affect the upgrading of firmware/configurations by Telstra? 



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