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Telstra Gateway Max Secure login

Issue with secure connection over Ethernet and wifi; lack of it. Connection to modem is not secure and IP address maybe broadcasting its address without https:// thus maybe a security threat to my own network.


I have not been able to find a way to turn on secure connection to modem config. At this stage if I can't find a way to solve this may just turn Gateway Max to a dumb modem and let my Linux machine handle security and internet to my network   

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max Secure login

Just been told this is not needed becuase it is a local access only and not remote. Problem solved.

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max Secure login

Am using Telstra supplied router for internet connections - ethernet and wireless.


Product Name   Technicolor TG797n v3
Firmware Version 15.53.6886-510-RF


All expect it to do is let my devices connect to internet, and intra to each other.


Appreciated Telstra replacing oriignal Technicolor software, and their regularly updating software, about all it does is let my devices connect to the internet, and to each other. 


Am confident Telstra works to maintain security on TG797n v3.


Security of each device connected depends on what is and is done on each device.



On linux consider also using software:  clamav and  rkhunter



MyMainOS: Linux version openSUSE Leap 42.2  GNOME


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