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Telstra Gateway Max Wireless Function Stops Working



I am now on my second Gateway Max both of which work for a few months and then suddenly (no changes made to the network) the wireless connection suddenly just quits working altogether.  Both wireless signal lights on the modem itself are no longer lit and restaring the modem makes no difference.  Meanwhile the wired connection is fine.


As I said, this is now the second modem that has exhibited this problem with the wireless function.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max Wireless Function Stops Working

do the lights come back on if you press the wifi button next to the lights on the modem?

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max Wireless Function Stops Working

I have this problem with the gateway as well.

But my lights for wifi stay on as green


For no reason I can see, the 5g wifi drops out first, then the 2.4g wifi a few minutes later.

If I turn off/on the router, it fixes the fault.


It does get annoying. If it continues I will use a different brand modem. The telstra modem is, ahem, not good.

There are zillions of complaint posts about telstra gateway modems.


Try a different brand modem. Netgear are good.

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Re: Telstra Gateway Max Wireless Function Stops Working

Sorry for the delay in responding.  The modem did not respond to the button at first so I thought the problem was elsewhere.  Trying it again it at first did nothing and then on a subsequent try did go live.  We will see if this is an intermitent issue with the modem or not.  Meanwhile I have noted another access issue on a separate post which may or not be modem related.

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