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Telstra Gateway online indicator is white not green

After 5 days my NBN modem has all 5 green lights on and the Telstra Gateway wifi light is green the link light is green but the online light is white and no light on phone. My computer is picking up my wifi name but cant connect to internet. What are the potential reasons??

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Re: Telstra Gateway online indicator is white not green

the only possible reasons are the username and password in the modem are not correct


or there is no connection to the internet as in no line connection.


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Re: Telstra Gateway online indicator is white not green


If it is a FTTN connection you might still be on ADSL. It usaly takes up to a week after the modem arrives till NBN is installed.

If you still on on ADSL you need to set up correct USer name and password and ensure PPP enabled is on in the modem.


Log into modem at

Default Log In is either:



admin/blanl (Leave password blank)

Click on Broadband enter correct user name and password and ensure that PPP enabled is on.

Make sure nothing is connected to WAN port.


If its a FTTP service you just have to wait untill Telstra activates it.

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