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Telstra Gen 2 Modem DHCP Limit

Why would the manufacturers of the new Gen 2 LH1000 modem limit DHCP allocation to only 10 IP addresses? This is a hugely frustrating and seemingly senseless thing to do. My previous modem had no such limitation. Now with this supposed "upgrade", I have to redesign my entire network typography? Get your crap together Telstra and fix this. A firmware update should do it. Why do u always manage to find the most annoying ways to piss your customers off?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Telstra Gen 2 Modem DHCP Limit

The limitation on number of static LAN IP address and the lack of support for NAT loopback has already been reported to Telstra and there should be a firmware update, but at this time there is no indication of when a firmware update that fixes the problem will be available.

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