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Telstra Locator Cat-M1 no daily location update

I have a cat M1 tag with built-in LTE, which is successfully configured with my Telstra Locator account.


The tag tracks location when moving, but I don’t get a daily location update once it has stopped moving (even though is sitting in a very good LTE coverage area). The Locator app today is telling me it was last seen 9 days ago (which is when it was last moved).


Has anyone else had this problem?


For reference, the info page about the Cat-M1 states: “If your Tag is within coverage of the Telstra LTE-M Network, it will report its last known approximate location once every 24 hours when stationary (at a minimum), regardless of its assigned profile.” (Source: https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/telstra-locator/cat-m1-tag).

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Re: Telstra Locator Cat-M1 no daily location update

Reach out to the Locator support team at locator.support@team.telstra.com and we should be able to assist.

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