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Telstra Modem, NBN Broadband in Backup mode

Lately I’ve been experiencing issues with my internet connection being very slow and having dropouts randomly, they’re no pattens to the dropouts though. I’ve been researching a lot on this topic and found a problem that is very relevant to the current event.


Backup mode, I’ve been in the mode for the past 3 weeks and have no idea why it’s happening and when it’s going to go back to normal, Telstra if you see this please give me answers and how you guys can speed up the process of getting my Telstra modem back to normal. My Family liked to play lots of online Multiplayer FPS and have been complaining about the “Upnp” being unsuccessful as well to the problem with the Wifi.


(The light colours on my modem are: Orange for Signal, Pink/Magenta for online, N/A on link and Green for Phone). Any answers for why this is happening would make our day Smiley Happy

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Modem, NBN Broadband in Backup mode

The link light off indicates a fault with the NBN link.


If you have FTTN or FTTB connection check the connection between modem's DSL port and the phone socket. Check that there is nothing plugged into any spare phone sockets.


For all other types of NBN connection check that WAN port is correctly connected to the NBN NTD and all lights on the NBN NTD are in normal state.


If you can't find anything obviously wrong then it will need a visit by NBN technician to investigate and fix.

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