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Telstra Modem

My NBN is Fibre to the Node, and my service provider is Telstra.

I have had untold problems with my internet, that is, wi-fi coverage throughout the house, and the internet dropping out in peak hours.

I am seriously considering the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster(s), and with that I'll be getting the Telstra Smart Modem, I currently have the Sagemcom F@st 5355 modem.

I have been told that I am better off using a separate modem and router.

Does this “one unit” TELSTRA SMART MODEM have both a modem and router?

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Re: Telstra Modem

The Telstra smart modem is both a modem and router. A separate modem and router is not better than a combined modem and router. It depends on how good the modem function is in modem router or the modem. It is easier to manage a sngle unit.


The smart modem and booster should improve the WiFi coverage but if there is a fault on the line it will not prevent dropouts.


The line stats located at advanced > gateway settings > general > stats > WAN xDSL will indicate if there is a line fault.

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Re: Telstra Modem

But with the Smart Modem 2, the 4G backup  capability might help if the internet service fails? slower of course but in my experience quite stable and consistent speeds.

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