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Telstra modem

Getting NBN tomorrow and want to bridge my Dlink cobra to telstra Smart modem how do I connect it

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Re: Telstra modem

If you want to use your Dlink Cobra modem as the main modem first connect the Telstra modem directly to NBN until the phone has registered indicated by phone light turning green. Disconnect Telstra Modem and connect DLink Cobra to NBN and connect WAN port of Telstra modem to LAN port of Dlink Cobra Modem.


If FTTN/B NBN connection set WAN access type to VDSL router. For all other types of NBN set WAN access type to Residential router. (See page 30 of manual



For "My Internet Connection is" Select Dynamic IP (See page 31 of manual)


If phone doesn't work especially on incoming calls try changing SIP setting page 70 of manual



On the Telstra modem change the LAN IP address and the DHCP IP address range so that it is not the same as the Cobra. Suggest change LAN IP address to and DHCP range to to


Telstra Smart Modem

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