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Telstra NBN Gen2 Modem and Netgear ORBI Mesh Network


Original set-up (NBN HFC with Arris Media Converter connected to a Telstra NBN GEN 2 Modem) with home phone) worked OK, but I was having difficulties with a Netgear wifi extender (EX6200) that intermittently lost comms with the Telstra NBN Gen 2's wifi and required frequent power cycling on the EX6200 to re-establish comms,


So I bit the bullet and after doing some research and realised a Mesh network is the way to go. I bought a Netgear ORBI RBK50 Mesh Network (Master & 1 Slave).


I followed Section 13 & 14 of a manual I downloaded from this thread:


And had this this link to the Manual:


I put the GEN 2 into bridge mode and disabled the wifi.

Connected the ORBI RBK50 to one of the ethernet ports on the GEN 2 (nothing else is connected to any of the other GEN 2 ethernet ports)


All worked ok, had internet connectivity via wifi.

Did a speed test (using both the Telstra Speed Test and Netgear ORBI App).

Both methods indicated a download speed of about 50Mbps and upload speed of about 14Mbps.

However two issues have arisen.

1. I didn't realise I'd lost the phone - how can I fix this?

2. I was using Microsoft Teams today and there is a delay of about 5 or 6 seconds, which I never had with the original configuration and this makes it almost unusable for a teams meeting.


Any ideas/suggestion on how I can fix this would be appreciated.




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Re: Telstra NBN Gen2 Modem and Netgear ORBI Mesh Network

Hi - generic suggestion - if you turn off the Telstra Modem and remove it from the Arris modem and then connect the Netgear RBK50 Router direct to the Arris modem, it should work - test it for Internet and linking to the Remote Netgear Satellite. If there is a setting in the Netgear which Enables or Disables SIP ALG, Disable it as this function is known to upset the Telephony feature on enabled secondary modems.


Once all is stable, Factory Reset the Telstra modem with a paperclip inserted into the Reset hole with power ON for approximately 10 seconds. Connect the Telstra Modem WAN port to the LAN port of the Netgear Router and hopefully the Phone LED should be Green and ready for use. This effectively makes the Telstra Modem a client of the primary Netgear modem and delegated mainly to the Telephony function.


Depending on your personal requirements, you may select other functions to use on the Telstra modem. It will be on a separate network so you may wish to reserve an IP address from the Netgear range for the data link between the two units. 

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