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Telstra Netgear MR2100 Reboot

I was given a MR2100 to setup for a client (usually I use tp-link mr6400 devices). Initially the device wouldn’t boot when the battery was removed and the device plugged into the USB power (as recommended by the sales person). I took it back to the Telstra shop and they advised to do the Firmware update. This wouldn’t work with the SIM that was in the device but it did work when I put my sim card from my phone in. Once I updated, I was able to boot the device but now its just continually randomly reboots. Firmware is NTGX24_10.17.10.00 and I have done a factory reset and disabled the WiFi and Ethernet StandBy. Here is a video showing what happens. I plan on returning this device to the client so they can get a refund, the tp-link device is much cheaper and more reliable 

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