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Telstra Nighthawk M2 Mobile Broadband Device

Hi Folks,

I have updated the M2 to latest Firmware to NTGX24_10.17.03.00.

I can connect various devices to the M2 for Internet access no issues and get pretty good speeds. However, when I connect a WIFI MFP Printer (Brand New with latest Firmware installed) i am able to PING the Printer but unable to browse to its Web Portal?

Also, the Printer seems to install but will show offline which makes me think the installer can see its IP but bi-directional access is not allowed ?

I have successfully used many WIFI Routers for providing access to WIFI Printers with no issues but this is the 2nd Telstra M2 Device that i am having this issue on.

I have also used the Mobile App to select the Device and then selected Allow which still does not resolve the Printer issue.


What am i missing or is this a known foible with the Telstra M2 Devices.



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