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Telstra Smart Modem Connection Limit

Ive been advised by Telstra that there is an 8 device connection limit to our New Telstra Smart home modem.  I find this unbelievable but it appears to be the case.  It also appears that when I try to use wifi extenders or additionaly routers on our home network these devices add onto the connection limit imposed by Telstra.  The technical officer I spoke with over the phone argued with me that having 8 devices connected causes conjestion on the network and is what causes speeds to slow.  However Ive proven this to be a nonsense because even though devices are downloading anything my entire network locks up once it reaches the connection limit.


What is the situation here and can Telstra fix this problem with the new modem they supplied??

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Re: Telstra Smart Modem Connection Limit

There is no connection limit. If you have a link with a speed of 12 Mbps you want be able to stream HD video on more than two devices. I have had more than 16 devices connected to my modem and I have seen post were people have over 24 devices connected.


What model modem do you have and what is its firmware version? The Model and firmware version is on the left hand side of the gen 2 modem's log in page?

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Re: Telstra Smart Modem Connection Limit

Device limit isn't 8, try disabling band steering on your modem and see how it goes
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