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Telstra Smart Modem Delivery

We ordered our modem in early April and have not received any clarification as to when our modem is meant to be arriving. We have been told there is no way to speak to a customer service representative and have continuously been directed to the App. The only information we have been provided is that we are in a backlog due to the security breach in April, and that they can't tell us when it will be arriving 'but it should be weeks rather than months'.


Is there any clarification as to when we can expect this to arrive? It has been over six weeks and there has been very little communication from Telstra, which is disappointing as a first time customer.

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Re: Telstra Smart Modem Delivery

Hi @Amy132 

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Were you given an order number, when signing up to Telstra?

you should have received several emails from Telstra when signing up.

I assume you are an NBN customer?

if my assumptions are correct try this number 1800 834 273


I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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