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Telstra Smart Modem gen 2

So I know it’s called “Smart Gen” but I’m really not seeing anything “smart” about it yet! Before I received this device I had a Telstra technicolor broadband modem. Apart from having pretty ordinary upload & download speeds, it was reliable and had decent coverage. Since having this “smart” modem & NBN Service, it spends most of its time with the “mobile service” button on Orange, I can’t connect my wireless printer or laptop to the wifi & when I have phoned Telstra for support, after being on the phone with them for ages, they tell me everything seems to be running fine & its probably some sort of interference with my microwave or other appliance. I don’t have an IT degree, nor do I have any wish to obtain one, but surely after having months of delay getting this NBN connection sorted, I should be able to use it. I asked about a wifi extender & they tried to sell me one, but then after me asking a few more questions, told me that this modem doesn’t support wifi extenders. I just don’t know where to go next - please help! 

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Re: Telstra Smart Modem gen 2

Is the light on the bottom of the modem at the front Green, if so your connection is working and I'd recommend disabling band steering on the modem in the WiFi settings. If the light on the bottom at the front is blue the modem is running off the 4G backup and you'll need to call Telstras NBN team on 1800 834 273.


The Telstra Smart Wifi Booster https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/extras/wifi-extender is compatible with the Gen 2 Smart Modem. 

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