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Telstra Smart Modem not connecting to 4g



My line speed hovers around 1.8Mbps. I contacted Telstra and they have advised these speeds are due to congestion. As a work around until the NBN is rolled out to my area they have supplied me with a Telstra Smart Modem. I was advised that when my speed is slow that the modem will automatically switch across to the mobile network. The modem is not doing this.  I think I recall reading in one of the other threads that the modem will only switch across to the mobile network when the ADSL is down. This is not the case for me. My ADSL is not down, it is just slow.


In the Gateway it says "DSL Connected - 13.99Mbps down and 0.86Mbps up". Are these speeds that I should expect? Is there something else wrong with why I'm only getting 1.8Mbps?

So have I been given a bum steer in how to fix my slow connection speed?? Or is there a setting in the Gateway that I need to change for the modem to switch to 4G?





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Re: Telstra Smart Modem not connecting to 4g

The 4G backup only kicks in when the DSL connection is absent (offline). Your modem is seeing a 13Mbps connection to the exchange, so the 4G can't kick in. It doesn't kick in on slow actual speeds.
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Re: Telstra Smart Modem not connecting to 4g

The speeds you see on the gateway are the potential max speeds the modem can physically achieve on your connection. If it is a congested DSLAM then 'real world' speeds  can definitely vary, particularly during peak tmies

Unfortunately using the Smart Modem's backup as a alternative service due to a congested DSL service is a quick way of getting its speed shaped to 256k

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