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telstra smart modem

hi will telstra smart modem work in a power failure if not can you supply battery backup units 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: telstra smart modem

The Telstra Smart Modem want work in a power black up. You could buy a UPS from a electrical store that will power the modem. Even if the modem has power the NBN connection might not work. The Nodes only have batteries that will last for 6 hours.

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Re: telstra smart modem

I have this and have found it to be quite acceptable.

Specifically purchased for my mother as Telstra/NBN won't supply FTTP/priority assistance for those that have not yet had a medical event, but in high probability will have one (shame government/NBN/Telstra).

Telstra Smart Modem

Plug in and connect in minutes. Smart.

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