Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Telstra Smartmodem Gen 2 Technicolor version (DJA0231) unofficial manual

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There are two versions of the Smart modem, the document attached is for the Technicolor version of the Telstra Gen 2 Smart modem (DJA0231). The Arcadyan version is physically the same apart from not having side vents but its GUI although similar has some settings in different locations. The Arcadyan version also has some extra features like being able to save the settings but lacks some other features that the Technicolor has. The document covers the following.
1. Lights
2. Modem Connections and Buttons
3. Login and Home Screen
4. Change Modem’s Login Password
5. Telstra’s_Internet User Name and Password
6. Parental_Control
7. Connecting Wi-Fi devices
8. Address Reservation (Static LAN IP Address)
9. Port Forwarding
10. Inbuilt Help
11. Firewall
12. Reset Modem or Reboot Modem
13. Turn WI-FI OFF or ON
14. Bridge Mode
15. Dynamic DNS
16. Register and De-register a DECT handset
17. Telephony (Information and Call Log)
18. Remote WEB Access
19. Wi-Fi MAC Filtering
20. Management (Add extra Modem Logins)
21. Change Wi-Fi Channel SSID and Password
22. Third Party VDSL Modem /Router
23. DLNA Server and Mass Storage
24. Traffic_Monitor
25. 4G Cellular Backup
26. Diagnostics (Fault Finding)
27. Change IP Address of Modem
28. Modem Firmware / Software
29. Modem’s Time Settings
30. Connecting USB Printer
31. WiFi Tools
32. DNS Selection
33. Specifications
34. Known Limitations and Bugs
The document can be found here.



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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen 2 Technicolor version (DJA0231) unofficial manual

Thank you... but many people are aware of it. In my opinion, the Technicolor is far superior and less buggy.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen 2 Technicolor version (DJA0231) unofficial manual

I have had both these modems and in my opinion the Arcadyan is far buggier than the Technicolor but it uses the same components and its experience the performance is about  the same.

  1. DSL performance on the Arcadyan is slightly better my line synced at 48 Mbps down and 12.5 Mbps on the Arcadian compared to 46 Mbps down and 11.7 Mbps up on the Technicolor.
  2. 4G backup performance was the same signal led varied between green and amber on both modems at my location.
  3. The 2.4 GHz WiFi performance is slightly better on the Arcadyan but one of my devices kept losing it 2.4 GHz WiFi connection to the LH1000

  4. 5GHz WiFi performance is slightly better on the Technicolor.
  5. DLNA server on the LH1000 media files can be sorted nto folders and is compatible with more devices and apps.
  6. LH1000 limits port forwarding rules and static leases to 10.
  7. No NAT loop back support on LH1000
  8. Some types of traffic (example SMB) is blocked between WiFi and wired LAN on the LH1000
  9. Event Log freezes and also resets after a reboot on the DJA0231 making  it hard to fault find.
  10. DJA0231 has better diagnostic tools.
  11. Both modems have bugs in the traffic monitor. The Internet traffic graph is faulty on the DJA0231. All the traffic meters and graphs are faulty on the LH1000
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Re: Telstra Smartmodem Gen 2 Technicolor version (DJA0231) unofficial manual

Thank you for creating your new manual for the benefit of all users. Well done. I learn something new most times I read your posts. All the best. 

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