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Telstra Smartmodem won't switch to Mobile Mode when NBN down?

I have an NBN outage and my Smartmodem wont switch to the mobile network.  This has worked in the past but not now?  I have checked power and cables and rebooted everything but still no joy.  I only have 2 bars on my Telstra mobile at present and there is an amber light on back of smartmodem for Mobile network ... so is it just a combination of no NBN and miserable mobile connection ... surely cant be that, I live in RANDWICK not Backl of Bourke!

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem won't switch to Mobile Mode when NBN down?

The 4G should still work when the light is Amber. The 4G gets throttled when used for an extended period of time and if continued to be used it gets disconnected. The 4G throttling and or disconnection can be removed by ringing support and requesting the submit a web form to restore the 4G backup.

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Re: Telstra Smartmodem won't switch to Mobile Mode when NBN down?

If you are alluding to the  amber light, if 2nd from the bottom"Mobile Signal" goes from green for the strongest mobile signal to orange for a good signal, and red  for a very poor signal.  The LED colors vary between Arcadyane and Technicolor, but orange is the same for both. You can put your mobile phone next to the modem and for an Orange LED, you will probably have 2 or 3 bars out of 5 on your Phone,  which is a good (Orange) LED / signal on your modem.

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