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tg587nv3 how to restore previously saved backup?

Apparently my tg587nv3 got the recent firmware update to 10.3.t.m without me knowing.


After having some isuues, I went to log in to the GUI the same way I always had (via http) and found I couldn't so I figured the must be a problem.  I tried all the passwords I could think of, tried telnet but nothing work.  Stupidly, I didn't think to try https.


Frustrated, I did a factory reset.  Then I discovered the crowdsupport pages and the talk of the new firmware.  Sure enough I had it.


Previously, I saved the configuration settings (all the port forwards, dns definitions etc) so I could restore them if required, but now there does not appear to be any way to restore them.


How can I restore configiration settings previously saved to a user.ini file?  Is it even possbile now?



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Re: tg587nv3 how to restore previously saved backup?

Hi yelram,


I am not sure if what you are trying to do is supported or if the functionality remains in the device to even do this but I have asked one of our device experts for some advice. I will post the reply here if they are unable to respond personally.

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