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TG797n V3 port forwarding wont modify

I have a TG797n V3 that I have 12  port forwarding rules in place.  Everything works but some of the rules are obsolete and I want to add some more.


I can click edit, make changes then click apply but the changes do not save.  Clicking X to delete reloads the list and says "Changes saved successfully", but doesn't delete the rule.  Clicking on add a new port mapping brings up the text boxes for a new rule but when I fill them out and click add it just sits there trying to load something and never actually adds the rule.


So I can't make any changes to the port forwarding at all.  Can anyone think of why?

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Re: TG797n V3 port forwarding wont modify

This could occur if you have two port forwarding rules for different devices using the same WAN port. This can occur if port forwarding has been added using the individual device page on basic home screen. The modem does not check if there is already a port forwarding rule using the same WAN port.


Look for any devices in the port forward settings that use the same WAN port and delete one of the port forwarding rules. You might have to go back to the basic home page, locate the device, click on it and delete the port forwarding on the individual device page.


The only other option is a factory reset. 

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