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TG799vac and VOIP over ADSL

Purchased a TG99vac from telstra shop in Epping, VIC where the sales staff guaranteed that the gateway (which i purchased so I can get telstra air) Supported VOIP no problem


Seen similar posts here but I have this as an ADSL modem (Not NBN yet) and need to configure the SIP server details
to enable voip with my preferred voip provider (pennytel)


Can someone please tell me this is possible, and if not, what my redress is with the staff at the Telstra shop



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: TG799vac and VOIP over ADSL

BigPond do not provide assistance with VOIP services. I would suggest contacting Telstra Platinum or a private computer technician for assistance with this.


- Shelly

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