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This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

I have a Gen 2 Airport Express in bridge mode with my DJA0230 Telstra Smart modem over powerline connection. They have worked well together but in recent time the Airport express wifi has been a bit flaky. I do now get the warning message “This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic”.

I know I can ask the Apple forums and the warning does come with a link about settings  but seeing it impacts my Telstra connections I thought I see if there was any help locally.


Also, as I still have the smart modem before this as well as home would There be any benefit using this as a bridged modem rather than the airport express? The apple device is just so simple!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

The usual fix is to forget the network connection and set up the wifi connection again.

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Re: This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

that fixed it for me. 

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Re: This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This will likely only fix it temporarily. Last time I checked, Telstra's DNS servers do not support encryption via TLS, nor do they have DNSSEC enabled.


If it's your home network, I wouldn't be too concerned about the privacy warning, but if you do have cause for concern then I would suggest changing your DNS provider in your Smart Modem settings to a provider that supports encryption, like Cloudflare for example. Be sure to make the change to both your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets though!

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