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Trouble connecting deebot t8 to wifi

Bought deebot t8 tried connecting to wifi doesn't like the the 5g connection how to change to 2.4g?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Trouble connecting deebot t8 to wifi

There could be a couple of reasons you can't connect.

  1. If the t8 can see the WiFi but can't connected it might be due t8 not supporting protected Management frames. Suggest you turn of PMF as per this WiKi

  2. If t8 can see WiFi but still can't connect it could be due to t8 not supporting WPA2. Login into modem and change security mode from WPA2 PSK to WPA +WPA2 PSK
  3. If the t8 can't see the WiFi SSID it could be because the modem's 2.4 GHz WiFi is faulty. To check if 2.4 GHz WiFi is faulty log into mode, ( password is Telstra), o to WiFi 2.4 GHz settings, turn of band steering iand save settings. This will add -5G to 2.4 GHz band. On your other devices you should see both the normal SSID and a SSID with -5G transmitted by modem. If you only see SSID with -5G added then modem's 2.4GHz WiFi is faulty.

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