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Unable to connect any 2.4Ghz device to LH1000 since 0.15.16r

G'day all,


It would appear that since my LH1000 firmware was upgraded to 0.15.16r none of my 2.4Ghz devices can connect to the modem. I have tried rebooting modem and devices, changing settings on the modem's Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz page, including password, but the response from the device is either a) incorrect password, or b) unable to connect.

Any assistance appreciated.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Unable to connect any 2.4Ghz device to LH1000 since 0.15.16r

There are a couple of things you could try:


  1. Change Channel Width to 20 Mhz instead of Auto
  2. Change Security mode from WPA2 PSK to WPA + WPA2 PSK
  3. Turn Wi-Fi PMF off.
  4. Change Wi-Fi channel
  5. Turn Band steering off. This adds -5G to the name of the 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

My modem updated to 0.15.16r and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi devices can still connect.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Unable to connect any 2.4Ghz device to LH1000 since 0.15.16r

When you were making changes in the LH1000 Wi-Fi settings, did you notice if Band Steering was enabled?


If that is enabled you will have a single, dual band, Wi-Fi network..


If you disable Band Steering, you should then have 2 Wi-Fi networks..  one is 2.4 GHz and will use the original Wi-Fi name and password, the other is 5 GHz and will have a similar Wi-Fi name, but with -5g added, and also uses the original password. Trying to connect using a dual band device, or using a Wi-Fi analyser, should present you with both networks to choose from..  if you can't see the 2.4 GHz band at that stage then the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi service in the modem has failed.


I haven't seen any reports of the 15.16r update causing that, but it is possible. Check out the suggestions from @cf4 as well..

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