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Unable to Open Port 27016 for Forwarding on Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 NBN

Hi all


I am unable to open a specific port on my PC for forwarding. I am using Smart Modem Gen 2 NBN. Has anyone had any luck? It seems to be a common problem.


I am trying to set up a Grim Dawn LAN on two PC's on my home network. So I have two PC's connected to the NBN Modem. Each PC has its own IP address. The router IP address (external WAN address) is different again. I have the GOG versions of Grim Dawn.


For LAN game, Grim Dawn only requires UPnP enabled and for Port 27016 to be forwarded. I have UPnP enabled but Port 27016 still seems to remain closed. You can also manually forward the port if UPnP is not working. So I have gone into the Modem Admin and added Port Forwarding Rules under the Advanced WAN settings. I set up a rule under both IP4 (using UDP/TCP connection types) and IP6 (Using All connection types) to allow forwarding of Port 27016 through to the IP address of my main PC. Note the IP address of my PC's are different to my outward IP address from the Router. The rules seem to save OK.


But when I go to sites like "" it reports that Port 27016 is CLOSED when tested using my External IP address (of the Router not my PC). So somehow the port forwarding is not working.


It seems a lot of other people are having the same issue with Port forwarding problems. Has anyone managed to resolve this?


From inside Grim Dawn it is showing the IP address of my WAN Router. Not the IP address of the machine. I am not sure why. I am trying to play a LAN game not an Internet Game. But it still seems to go through your Router.


I have added Exception rules to my Firewall and also turned off my Firewall but it seems to make no difference. I have tried tools like "Radmin" to set up a private VPN but that does not work either. I "start" a multiplayer LAN game on one machine, and yet there is no visible server to connect when using the other machine to "join". 


Any help would be great,




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